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About the project

Professional Sports Club "USPEKH" was founded in 1989 by Veniamin Alexandrovich Pack, a triple champion of the USSR, an owner of Black Belt of the 6th Dan    

Impressive sports achievements in Russia and outside it, development of children's sport, promotion of healthy life-style, work in the regional and municipal Soviet of Deputies, successfully realized business projects are major businesses to know "USPEKH" club, its team and its creator. Difficult times of destroying ideals which seem all-powerful and eternal, temptations of new times when everyone could become a rich man immediately and could lose one's face very quickly, riches and life, all these can strengthen a team of like-minded persons.

Today answers for any questions have been tested by time and tested for strength by life. Philosophy, attitude to life, to people, to relatives and who are worlds apart have implemented into real business like a thought has transformed and is transforming into the action and like an idea finds a follower. It's true that "the shortest way to the aim is a straight line", "the main in an attack is a right choice of a moment", "the main in defence is safety of a bloc" all these thoughts have found power. MASTER, TEACHER, SENSEI are not impact force and not height of a jump. This is a world - view, ideology, concept of behavior and pattern of thought forming space of success. It is an art to create your own world around yourself and lead adherents and followers from those who teach others. It is difficult to appreciate influence of karatedo on life those people who decide to connect their life with it. Whether they choose karatedo or karatedo chooses them? The today's scale and size of "USPEKH", beauty of sport and life position of people of different ages and titles from TEACHER to the youngest pupil are obvious.